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Don't whine to me

Posted by VoidHallow, in Rant, psychology 26 June 2013 · 430 views

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Don't whine to me I'm not sure if it's happening more or if I'm just noticing it, but an awful lot of people are offering their complaints to the aether of the internet, leaving status updates, tweets and all other sorts of posts bemoaning the state of their lives. This annoys me more than you might imagine.
    You see, I'm not cross because they;re complaining, but because they're complaining very specifically at nobody in particular. I can't stand useless things and these things are so pointless I felt the need to enlighten some of you as to just how pointless they are.
    The internet, as a collective of human consciousness, has always been large and uncaring. These comments are akin to spitting in the ocean. The internet doesn't care, your facebook friends are too polite to respond as though it's any of their business, nobody will help you with your problems if you don't ask them directly - yet on top of this, some people are complaining quite because that very thing does not occur.
    I am making a new rule of the universe (yes I can do that) - if you do not ask me for help directly, you do not, under any circumstance, get to complain if I don't help you. I don't care if you're lying in the dirt, dying of thirst, if you don't even attempt to ask for a drink, you don't get to feel bad about not being offered one. The universe, like the internet, is uncaring. Life is unfair simply because it happens that way. It is arrogant and self-entitled to believe that you deserve for things to go well for you at any moment. The world will throw you down on your ass the first chance it gets, and whilst other people can help you up, only you can actually stand.
    So please, tell your friends, your family, your enemies, your pets and your colleagues to try their best not to be so damned feeble as to beg empty space for help and to instead man (or woman, as appropriate) up and deal with their own problems. The rest of us have to, so why shouldn't you?

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