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A moment in time

Posted by VoidHallow, in psychology 08 July 2013 · 579 views

time perception
A moment in time This blog has hit over 6000 views, so I'd feel bad to let it go stale and stop adding new stuff. The world is ever-changing, so there's no shortage of things for me to enlighten you/complain about. Part of the reason things change is time. Some others are motion, gravity, magnetism and heat, but I want to focus on time for this one, especially our perception of it.
    It's a strangely widely accepted falsehood that there is a moment in time that can be defined as "now" or "the present", as though some bead were running along the universe to define that moment, ploughing forward into the unknown and leaving the trail of the past behind it.This is unlikely to be true. Time is not the pen that writes, it is the book already written. Our perception of "now" is merely a relative thing. Two people that exist at the same time can find a coinciding moment that both will define as "now", and later "then".
    At the beginning of the universe, widely referred to as "the big bang", there were, to human knowledge, no entities capable of perceiving the passage of time, so who is to say the time really passed at all? The phrase refers to how we see ourselves to move through time constantly, but if you're not aware of it, it doesn't really matter that it's there, like when you sleep. It's sometimes said that time flows, but time is as static as a moment in history. It is the human ability to have memories that gives us the impression of motion through it, or it past us. We see the passage of time as the difference between "now" and "then". There is no universal "now", only the ones we each keep and make for ourselves.
    Time and space is the paper upon which we have written ourselves. Our concious version of "now" is the pen, and our memories are the ink left behind. All of this may seem to make no sense or be unimportant, and so long as we remain bound within the confines of this universe, that will be true. Only when you stand outside the universe and see not only the past, but the future written out too will it make true sense. I don't know if it'll matter, but I hope you understand.

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