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Be still, my beating heart

Posted by VoidHallow, in Lifestyle 15 July 2013 · 583 views

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Be still, my beating heart I've fallen in love. I know I have because every time I think of the person, my heart beats with more force in my chest. When I'm close to her, my thoughts slow down, stripped away to bare instincts almost. Her kiss makes my skin tingle from head to toe and causes my blood to flush cold. For her, I'd give anything of myself that I have to give, for her smallest whim. I'm not crazy, I've examined this from every angle and it all comes back that she's just a wonderful person.
    I've watched humanity for a long time now. Events in my past prohibit me from calling myself part of that group, and I don't regret the separation. I've seen people be together, but I don't think I've often seen people fall in love, not like this, certainly. It makes me wonder how many people even know what love is.
    I see couples cheat on each other, argue with a vehemence that cannot exist alongside true love, not in the magnitude I've seen it shown. Despite this, these people stick together, not out of love, but out of a fear to be alone. I can understand that, being alone is scary, and it weighs so heavily on the heart. I've been alone for a very long time, and I still feel it, like my heart weighs the same as the rest of my body. Those who know me can watch me and see that I often lean to my left with the mass.
    The thing is, I've waited until I've found the right person, because I worry that if I act like everyone else seems to, I'd miss that person entirely and never find them again. If you've never felt this way yourself, it may be hard to understand, but I'm sure if it ever happens, your fear of being alone will be overcome by the fear that you'll miss the one you could be with truly forever.
    I've found that person, though becoming hers is proving difficult and painful, but as much as it hurts, I forge onwards. That should tell you just how much that feeling is worth: Everything.

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