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The Golden Rule.

Posted by Amanderthal, 17 June 2013 · 513 views

So why does it have to be gold? So we can end up in this mess again in untold years to come? Why can't we barter and trade for goods and services? If I have tomatoes and you have bananas, hey, let's make a deal and everyone walks away only slightly disappointed. Think about it people, it is how honest deals are made. No more funny business and secrets. Only fair deals because now you are only looking out for yourself and your family just like everyone else. You will survive by the community around you. Take a look around, what do they have to offer? what do you have to offer them? Give and take, a fair balance of each for everyone, no leaders or hierarchy needed if were only looking out for our own. Wouldn't life be simpler if you didn't have to worry about what is on the news or the affordability of something? But only what was happening around you in the immediate area. No borders no land grab, just people coming together to help each other, using talents for greater good. That sounds like a better future then "Thee with the most gold wins". What is gold? Can you eat it? Can just having it make you live longer? or healthier? Those that know what gold can be used for technologically would have a better time with it then just letting a chunk go to waste in a vault because "you had to have it". If you have all the gold, but do nothing to survive another day, what is that gold truly worth? I can grow food, I can nurse the sick, and I can paint. What can you offer your fellow man?

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