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No Hope Website Tutorial

nohope.org site tutorial

No Hope User Guide

How to use nohope.org

nohope.org is a community for all walks of life to discuss the most touchy subjects and give their truthful and honest opinions with no regard for anyones rebuttals or morals. This is where you can be yourself and say what you want. Below is a list of things you can do here.

Post to our forums.

We have a variety of different forums you can start topics in. You can rate people's topics, like the best answer, twitter/facebook share them, and give users positive/negative reputation.
The more you post your rank goes up with our site. The higher your rank, the more positive and negative rep points you can distribute. This is to keep noobs from trying to ruin the reputations of long term posters.

Create a blog.

You can create your own public blogs, name them what you want, moderate them, build your own editing staff and facebook/twitter share any new blogs you post your blogs. You have 100% full control of your blogs. All members who are aligned with your blog must have an account with nohope.org. You can also create blog clubs. Where you and several users can string together blogs youve created under one large club. If you and another user like blogging about cars, you can create one auto club blog where all of your blogs are listed within it. Enjoy the blogging system, as your opinions should be heard and we are giving you access to a free system to make sure that it does.

Add/request friends

We have a friend request feature. So any other user who's topics you like, blogs you follow or images you like, you can friend request them. Inside our activity tab there is an online friends module that will let you know if they're online. You can also PM them back and fourth. This is to create a way for users to build communities inside of our community.

Upload images

In our gallery there is a "user's albums" category. You can create an album and upload images of your choice in them. These albums will be public for view. So you can show off your photography, show off your artwork or just post random funny things you found on the web. nohope.org does not and will never claim ownership of any image uploaded. Some categories will place a watermark on images only to show people where that image was seen. Not that we own them. We also have a variety of categories you can upload images to and build on our sites database of pictures. Feel free to do so. As you move up in rank (which as stated is through your post count) you will also be able to unlock the ability to create private albums that only people who are your friends can see. The albums will be accessed through your User profiles along with your blogs and recent posts to the forums. You can also rate, comment, and twitter/facebook share any picture.


Through your posting you can earn eDollars. To find out how much you earn per post simply click on the menu button (site info) and then click on eDollars. You will an explanation on how the system works. When inside the edollars page you can also see a link called "shop". This is where you can spend your eDollars on website features or real world grand prizes. There are many ways to earn eDollars so make sure you read all of the details thoroughly.  


If you have an events you would like to make the nohope.org community aware of then feel free to post it. It can be anything you want. Your birthday, a special topic announcement, the day your book launches or album drops. Feel free to plug away anything you want on our calendar.

User profiles

Not only will you be able to create your own profile background, your own avitars and signatures, but you will also be able to link in your twitter and facebook accounts. This will (if you choose) make it so that all of you facebook/twitter data is imported right in to your profile at nohope.org. You can personalize and customize. Also, in your profile, will be your user rank. This way, others can see immediately what your reputation is and how long you've been a member.


Free for all is a fully functional shoutbox system that will allow many of you to post to each other directly like an online chat.Also you can join us on IRC at #nohope. There is a link under chat at the top for quick login access.

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What about changing archetype and such?? I was in a hurry when choosing initially and thought it could be changed after... I don't want to be stuck with a peg leg forever-- termites.
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I like this site. I wish u guys had done this a lot sooner.

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Any chance of a TL;DR(summarized) version of this? I mean, come on, you know not every one is going to read the whole thing, just look at all the other sites not many noobs there go through the posted rules. Which is why there are so many bans.

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